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    September 22, 2011 by Support Staff
  • Hello,

    Imageleet has partnered with Cloudflare Inc to provide optimized Cloudflare CDN services which can be managed from cPanel.

    Cloudflare in an excellent free CDN cache service which can accelerate and secure any website routed through it. Cloudflare automatically optimize the delivery of your website pages using intelligent global network which will deliver the pages from visitor nearest location. It will also filter out bad traffic keeping spammers and hackers out of your website.

    On average website on Cloudflare

    Load 30% Faster

    Use upto 60% Less Bandwidth

    More Secure Against Attacks.

    NOTE: Cloudflare should NOT be activated for sites which allow uploading of files using PHP(for example video/media sharing scripts) as these scripts will give problems uploading large files when cloudflare is enabled. Sites using SSL should also not be run through Cloudflare as free service do not provide SSL support.

    Please follow these instructions to activate Cloudflare for your domain, These instructions are only valid for shared and reseller web hosting clients.
    How to Enable CloudFlare

    You can also contact our support team if you experience any issues and we will be glad to enable it for you.

    Thank You

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