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  • Server Migration and Upgrade

    June 9, 2013 by Support Staff
  • Hello,

    Light node is experiencing performance loss recently due to degrading file system and health loss by HDD.
    We will be migrating all accounts from this server to our new server running on SSD(Solid State Drive) instead of SATA and using latest E5 Series CPU with 32 GB RAM.

    Migration will start 11th June 14:00 GMT and will be completed within 48 Hours. There should be no downtime and DNS will be forwarded from old box. If you are using IP to access any service then please use IP after June 13th. Also if you are using 3rd party DNS service then please change A record for your domains to IP from June 14th.

    This ticket will be updated once migration is completed.

    Warm Regards
    Imageleet Networks

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